Current Projects

TXR Capital places investment in high quality projects within the ASEAN region. Currently we are promoting two major managed lifestyle retirement resorts in Thailand.
The Difference Residence in the Eastern Seabord sub-district of Bangsaray in Chonburi Province. It is centrally located 30 minutes from Pattaya and within 25 minutes to U-Tapao International Airport.
LifeStyle Retirement: The LeGrande Managed Lifestyle Retirement Resort is located in the Hin Lek Fai District of Hua Hin, Thailand.

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Works in Progress

Currently we are underwriting two major projects in Thailand. The Difference Residence Project will be ready in for occupancy beginning 2021. Construction is expected to commence in February 2020 upon receiving the EIA certification and approval which is works in progress. This development will provide for 678 lifestyled homes for residents arriving from Germany, Switzerland and Austria beginning February 2021 in our first phase of the development. Our captive clients are from our international association of pensioners and their insurers that are signed up wit us.

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Resort Development and Investment

TXR Capital is offering investment packages for qualifed investors wishing to invest in our Lifestyle Retirement Resorts and Rehab Centre projects.

We have several packages that are available for qualified investors. Investors can discuss with our sales director which package best suits the investor's needs. All our projects offers specific guarantees on the return on investment by contract. Specific terms and conditions apply for investors. A "know-your-customer" or "KYC" is embedded into our contracts that can be reviewed with our professionals upon request.

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Unlimited Possibilities

Our AAA project investment guarantees a fixed income from the international projects that we are currently developing and managing. Our sales and portfolio director will be able to provide details on how to participate.

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TaiPan Medical Rehab Centre

The TaiPan Medical Rehab Centre is located in the Hin Lek Fai District of Hua Hin, Thailand which is adjacent to the world ranking Black Mountain locality. It will provide space for 44 units of residential apartment furnished with a medical system to provide clients with direct access to qualified personnel. Our world class team of medical practitioners are licensed and form part of our operations and manages the medical aspect whilst our TaiPan group provides first class hospitality services.

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Professional Services

Our medical group is fully equipped and qualified to provide World Class rehab and emergency medical attention when needed. Our location is within 20 minutes to Bangkok Hospital, Hua Hin. TaiPan Group has through its partners in Singapore offer Air Ambulance services to evacuate a client in the event of requring futher medical attention in Bangkok or to their country of origin. Helicopter evacuation is availble on site. A 24/7 medical infirmary is onsite and provides emergency medical attention.

A first class catering kitchen provides a wide selection of meals on demand 24/7 with fresh organic fruit and vegetables and a variety of meals tailored to the needs of the client. Client's family members have access to more than 50 over accomodation options from apartment units to pool villas for extended family members. A full service valet operations takes care of all the client services "end-to-end".

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